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Final Fantasy 30 day challenge

Day 4: Least Favourite character

I just found her so annoying… plus I wanted Garnet and Zidane to get together without this little brat getting in the way xD

Final Fantasy 30 day challenge

(oops.. I forgot about this!)

Day 3: Favourite Protagonist

Zidane Tribal from FF9. Really, he was just a poser who flirted with any female that moved, but that was a nice relief from the over-the-top moodiness of Cloud and Squall!

4 things about my Dad :)

Playing guitar for us

Getting us into Final Fantasy when we were little

Building an arcade machine!

And always fixing our computers :D

Final Fantasy 30 day challenge

Day 2: Least Favorite Game

FFXIII, in my opinion, should never have been released - it was the final blow to an already dying franchise.